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Women’s March demonstrates flawed focus

A co-worker asked if I wanted to attend the “Women’s March.” I asked, “Women’s March? What’s that?” She explained there are marches planned across the country to protest President Donald Trump, his opposition to Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood and the gender wage gap. Obviously this woman didn’t know me very well. I said, “No…

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Where does the money go?

Do you ever wonder why we keep getting solicitations daily? I, like many of you, probably wonder from time to time why am I constantly getting pleas for money from every worthy cause. I get them from network food banks, senior centers, homeless shelters, youth programs, after-school programs, Adopt a Platoon, Troops Direct, veterans groups…

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Fairfield development stinks

You know you have a slam-dunk issue when a “Left View” column agrees with this column and Sarah Palin! Jack Batson’s article from last week about the Rockville Springs development in the Cordelia/Green Valley Village discussed the Fairfield City Council’s posture toward this pending rezoning request and how it stinks of “Crony Capitalism” because most…

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